Cannacopia... a cannabis database powerhouse
— Rolling Stone Magazine

Cannacopia recommends which of the over 7500 marijuana strains available, will make you feel the way you want based on your desired mental mood, physical effect, medical condition and taste preference … then shows you where to get the best deal.  You can rate, review, & recommend.  


Slide the 4 buttons (Mood, Effects, Medical RX, Taste) up/down the screen for your desired effect. Then slide right/left for potency and tap "GO."

Within seconds, Cannacopia’s patent pending technology evaluates hundreds of effects from thousands of strains to find the perfect strains to deliver the effects that you want.

Scroll to the bottom of this page, then swipe left to right to see other strains that will provide similar effects.


Cannacopia provides the most accurate listing of all legally operated dispensaries – with address, mapping location and phone number. 

Most states are updated daily. 

Just click on the dispensary of your choice and you'll be on your way!


Your comments help others and you earn loyalty points.

Earn Loyalty Points every time you use Cannacopia, and earn more points with each rating, review and recommendation you make.  The more loyalty points you earn, the higher your community status.

Soon, each badge level you achieve will get you new awards:

  • Newbie: One who begins their journey

  • Disciple: Seeker of wisdom and truth

  • Advisor: A knowledgeable person

  • Master: An experienced authority

  • Guru: A respected person who enlightens the minds of others

As you use Cannacopia, we will show you when your badge level changes (up or down).


We look forward to hearing from you.


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