What is vaping cannabis?

On today’s episode of Cannabis Explained by Cannacaopia we are joined by guest Hafez Adel from Elevated Growth. He has been in the cannabis industry for a number of years and has seen the market evolve. A marketing and sales guy whose passion is in growing brands and scaling businesses. He was the Chief Marketing Officer at Alpine Vapor for three and a half years.  Well versed in all things vaping he is here to talk with us about the popularity of vaping cannabis. And its evolution to mainstream consumption. 

What Makes Legal Cannabis Expensive?

 In this episode we are joined by Art Abrahamian of Webjoint, a cannabis software company that helps retailers manage finances, employees, inventory, taxes, etc. They’ve basically got a grip on the business side of cannabis and today he’ll gives us an idea of how legal cannabis functions and what that means for the end consumer. Staying informed on the cannabis industry can help consumers make important decisions, not just on their consumption practice but in elections too.

How can cannabis affect my relationship?

What are the challenges of loving cannabis and looking for a life partner? More than you might think, but Highly Devoted founder, Molly P is here to give us cannabis infused love advice! How can cannabis spice up your relationship? What are the keys to navigating love and weed without losing parts of yourself? Worthwhile advice on dating in today’s cannabis climate.