What weed is good for back pain?

If are are going to consume cannabis to heal your back pain make sure to consume legally and responsibly. Pain management is different for every individual and these are only suggestions based on personal preferences. When it comes to using cannabis for pain management trying out a few different things is a good rule of thumb to see what works for you.

Weed at the Beach

Here at Cannacopia we’re of the idea that no beach soiree is complete without everyone’s favorite lil’ herb, Mary Jane. Whether you live somewhere with close beach access or you’re making a trip to the sea, we’re your go-to guide for what weed to get to maximize your beach trip. Life’s too short not to make the most of it, so dial in and get the deets on how to have only the best beach bop!

What weed makes you calm?

The strains of weed that will make you calm are endless. With the market growing and products hitting the shelves everyday users can find strains and products that will help them relax. Finding strains that will make you calm can be difficult if you are unsure what to look for. But there is a solution for the lack of cannabis knowledge…Cannacopia.

What Should Weed Look Like?

There are a lot of actors that are out to make a quick buck and while we wish we could say all dispensaries are reputable, the reality is that some just aren’t and you might not always get bud that is going to be fulfilling. So today we are going to offer some advice on what you should look for in your flower before purchasing to ensure you’ve gotten that primo.