What Does It Mean To Be A Stoner?

In order to know what it means to be a stoner in today’s age, we need to first look at the common ideas that currently surround the label. Traditionally a stoner is conceptualized as a person who doesn’t do anything but lounge around, unmotivated, smoking weed all day. Images of red eyes, tie dye shirts and an slow movements probably fill your imagination.

How to Start A Cannabis Podcast in 2019

As a cannabis brand or business, you know that it is important to be seen online by as much as you can by your audience. ( at least I hope you do). Attention is the currency now.. right?

If your thinking to yourself " I know this! This isn't new!" I would probably agree. To most businesses, this concept isn't new. To drive sales you need attention. But where is the attention now? and how can you separate your business from all the others?

You may have your social media accounts such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook which are a great start but alone that isn't going to diversify your cannabis company enough. That's where I introduce you to the world of podcasting.

What is an illegal dispensary?

At Cannacopia, we make sure to only support legal dispensaries. Every storefront on our platform is up to date on its legal end so you can be confident all their products are tested and safe. The Cannacopia App is available in the App and GooglePlay store, find it today! We hope you have learned a little something today, stay vigilant, stay high and we’ll catch you the next time!