The Cannacopia app is the only platform that enables you to discover which marijuana strains help you feel the way you want, based on your desired mental mood, physical effects, medical condition, and taste preferences.   

With over 7500 available strains to choose from, Cannacopia solves the buyer’s confusion of what strains of cannabis to purchase, where to purchase, how much to spend, and where to find the best value. 

Slide the 4 buttons (Mood, Effects, RX, Taste) around on the screen for the desired effect. Then move the buttons to select you potency level and tap "GO."

MOOD = How you want to feel

EFFECTS = What desired effect you want

RX = If there are any ailments you want help with

TASTE = What taste would you like?, i.e. Sweet, Earthy, Flowery, Citrus

Within seconds, Cannacopia’s patent pending technology will pull up the perfect strains for the effects that you want.

The strains will match your desired effects, and Cannacopia, will provide you with a complete profile of your best match!  

Cannacopia evaluates the percentages of each effect in the strain enabling you to ‘dial-in’ thousands of combinations of desired effects so you can fine-tune exactly how much of each effect you want.

Cannacopia’s Plant page shows a picture of the recommended Cannabis bud, the Type of Cannabis selected – Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and the method in which you ingest the strain, i.e Smoke.

Similar Strains Area: Located at the bottom of this page is a list and information for similar strains.

Your comments help others and you earn points.

Loyalty Points can be earned based on app usage frequency, the number of ratings, reviews, and recommendations made, the number of up votes they receive from the community, their redemption of advertiser codes and their Discover Your Bliss submissions.

All users start as “NEWBIE’S” and can aspire to reach the highest level of “GURU”. 

The 5 Badge levels include:

  • Newbie: One who begins their journey
  • Disciple: Seeker of wisdom and truth
  • Advisor: A knowledgeable person
  • Master: An experienced authority
  • Guru: A respected person who enlightens the minds of others

Cannacopia provides you with a complete listing of all nearby legally operated dispensaries – with address, mapping location and phone number.

Just click on the dispensary of your choice and you'll be on your way!


Chat: An area in Cannacopia where you can communicate with other users within the Cannacopia app (WHERE IS THIS? Can I list this under one of the steps up above?)

    Music Creation:  (I'm not sure we should include this section. It's not an added value and more of a distraction from the main product in my opinion) A new ‘playful’ feature recently added to Cannacopia to help increase its usage and “time open in app” is the ability to literally create and play music and song variations from the home screen of the app. The feature, on by default (but can easily be muted), enables the user to create different musical tones by sliding each of the 4 attribute buttons. To begin, we licensed the creation of a reggae-rock instrumental track and then separated it into four channels each accessed by sliding one of our four buttons: rhythm, bass, lead, percussion. We intend to expand the music selections adding other tracks from emerging artists. Now users can enjoy Cannacopia both before and after their trip to the dispensary.