Mike's Story


Entrepreneurs don’t just start businesses because they want to make a buck; they start businesses to solve personal problems because no marketplace solution exists. 

Steve Wozniak wanted his own computer, so he and Steve Jobs started Apple. Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to search the web, so they created Google. Mark Zuckenberg wanted to help his pals meet girls, so he created a college site called The Facebook. Mark Cuban wanted to listen to his local college football games when traveling, so he created Broadcast.com, then sold it to Yahoo for $5 Billion.  

My Cannacopia journey began during the 2014 holidays. I was working in a small town in East Texas and commuting back to LA to be with my family once a month. This was going on since 2010—it was tough on all of us, but sometimes you just need to go where you can find work, even if it separates you from your loved ones.  

For years my LA friends were telling me how easy it was to get a medical marijuana card, so during the 2014 Christmas week, I did. With my medical recommendation in hand, I visited my very first marijuana dispensary and WOW!