Mike is the founder of Nature’s Dream, the company that created Cannacopia.  
Cannabis + Utopia = Cannacopia.

Mike was previously the Founder/CEO/President of the company that created the popular MORPHEUS P2P File Sharing Software in 2001, which quickly became the #1 Most Downloaded Software on the Internet amassing over 200 MILLION INSTALLS!

Prior to Morpheus, in 1998, Weiss was the founder of, an early Internet broadcaster that enabled college and commercial radio stations to webcast and monetize their live broadcasts over the Internet.  In 1994, as VP Marketing, Business Development & Entertainment at Multimedia CD-ROM publisher SIRIUS PUBLISHING, Weiss helped grow revenues from $100K annual to $22M within 10 months.  In 1978, Mike was a pioneer in the home video industry, having opened the 1st home video movie store in Chicago, the 3rd in the world.  He moved to LA and became VP Marketing & Business Development at J2 Communications / National Lampoon and later President of the American Video Association.  Mike started his career as College Promotion Manager for Columbia Records in Miami in the early 70’s and was a popular Chicago area Club DJ in the mid-70’s.



    Lawrence’s background is in business and software development.  For 20 years Lawrence served as a consultant across many sectors of the economy from financial to manufacturing, insurance, retail, utilities, medical and security.  He provided solutions for IBM, AIG, Deloitte and Touche, Chase Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), Mercedes Benz and other major and mid-level businesses by creating software, business processes and systems that not only saved millions of dollars a year but also made Peoples’ work life easier and more productive.

    He was one of three founding partners and the original chief architect of SRSSoft, a company which is instrumental in streamlining the practice of medicine and helping both patients and Doctors cope with the challenges associated with health care.

    In 2011 he founded to analyze the problems of our society and government system, educate the public and create a blueprint for restoring our unique government Of the People, not Above the people, as it has become.  In his youth he built a direct sales business, became a diamond cutter and played gigs as a guitarist to put himself through college.

    Lawrence is currently a hand-on venture capitalist backing and managing the Catskill Mountains Resort in upstate NY, a Theatrical Production Off Broadway and supporting numerous Philanthropic Endeavors.

    President/Founder of Kaloopy Media, a digital media creator and publisher of mobile apps and online video. Previously, Kurt worked at Getty Images via asset management firm Kurt has worked closely with many entertainment companies, fortunes 500 companies and entrepreneurs to develop digital products and strategies to launch and market products online.

    • Serial Entrepreneur and Business Owner
    • Expertise in launching high-tech start-up companies
    • Expertise in Digital Media Marketing
    • Helped to Launch  – the company was sold for $60 million to Infospace within it’s first year of operation
    • Developed cutting edge marketing campaigns for Activision, the videogame company