Mike Weiss was previously the Founder/CEO/President of the company that created the popular MORPHEUS P2P File Sharing Software in 2001.

Within 6 months of launch, MORPHEUS rose to the top, and became the #1 Most Downloaded Software on the Internet, according to CNET’s site.

MORPHEUS stayed as the # 1 Software for nearly a year, remained a Top 10 Software for over 365 weeks on the CNET charts, amassing over 200M downloads before the US Supreme Court reversed years of legal victories, and was forced to shut down in 2008. o Prior to Morpheus, in 1998, Weiss was the founder of, an early Internet broadcaster that enabled college and commercial radio stations to webcast and monetize their live broadcasts over the Internet.

In 1995, to support Sirius’ presence at the inaugural E3 Gaming Convention, Weiss through a legendary private party that opened with punk rock legends ‘The Ramones’ and ended the following morning when ‘Prince’ left the stage after 5 AM.

In 1994, as VP Marketing, Business Development & Entertainment at Multimedia CD-ROM publisher SIRIUS PUBLISHING, Weiss helped grow revenues from $100K annual to $22M within 10 months and employee growth from 6 to 85. Sirius created the CD-ROM multipack category and its line of “5 FT 10 PAKS” constantly ranked as #1 Best Sellers nationwide.

In 1978, Weiss was a pioneer in the home video industry, having opened the very 1st home video movie store in Chicago, the 3rd in the world. o Weiss started his professional career as College Promotion Manager for Columbia Records in Miami in the early 70’s and was a top Chicago area Club DJ in the mid-70’s.